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In-Home Hospice Services in Brighton MI, 48116

Hospice care is specialized care that focuses on supporting you and your loved ones during an advanced illness. The emphasis is on comfort and quality of life, rather than finding a cure. Our Hospice Services enable patients to live each day to the fullest as comfortably and dignified as possible.
At Compassionate Hospice Care we work with you to manage the in-home needs of your loved one by providing professional clinical support as well as emotional and spiritual support during these often difficult times. Let us help you provide the care your loved one deserves in the environment that makes them the most comfortable.


Established on quality and serving with compassion – we are Compassionate Hospice Care, we provide tailored In-Home Hospice Care for patients with a range of health conditions. We strive to help as many families as we can by partnering with you to provide a better care experience from the comfort of home. We take care of clients who have various health conditions ranging from those who need basic personal care all the way to elderly family members who require palliative care services.
As home health care practitioners, we don’t give way for illnesses to dictate the quality of life for clients. Instead, we introduce coping skills, self-care skills and other treatment services that enable clients to take control of their lifestyle.
Many families ask us if the care that their loved ones will receive is appropriate for the health condition they face. To this, we only respond with a customized care plan, where each care plan is specifically designed to the unique care needs of the patient. As much as possible, we find ways to meet the needs of the client in various aspects physically, emotionally, socially and spiritually.

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Our Services

Compassionate Care offers quality hospice care in Brighton, Michigan, and the surrounding areas. Here is an abbreviated list of the services we provide that can be tailored to meet your individual needs.

Skilled Nursing

– Case Management
– End of Life Care
– Patient & Family Education
– Medication Management

Physical Therapy

– Pain Relief Therapy
– Muscular Strength & Joint Movement
– Graded Therapeutic Exercise
– Home Excercise

Medical Social Work

– Counseling & Community Resources
– Short & Long-Term Medical Planning
– Patient advocacy
– Assistance in Medical Needs

Additional Services

– Community Liaison
– Bereavement Services
– Medical Director
– Spiritual Counseling

Certified Assistance

– Personal care assistance
– Meal preparation support
– Medication assistance
– Assists with personal care and daily activities

Hospice Care

Compassionate Hospice Care is uniquely positioned and staffed to provide both in-home hospice care solutions & to provide community oversight for assisted living and senior living communities.

Health Conditions

Compassionate Care can work with individuals with the following fragile health conditions. This is not a complete list but will help gain an understanding of our qualifications.



Liver Disease


Multiple Sclerosis

Renal Disease


Heart Disease/CHF

Stroke & Coma



COPD/Pulmonary Disease

Additional Life Limiting Illnesses

Happy Stories

Compassionate Hospice Care really changed the experience we had with the passing of our mother. We lost our father 4 years ago and it was very hard seeing him daily in the hospital. Being able to keep mom at home meant a lot to the family and to her. Thank you very much for the support you gave us through this difficult time


Compassionate Hospice Care transformed our experience as we cared for our mother at home, bringing peace and comfort. Their unwavering support made a difficult time more manageable, and we’re forever thankful for their dedication and compassion during this challenging journey.

Debra Peters

Compassionate Hospice Care provided invaluable support, allowing us to keep our mother at home, making her final days filled with love and dignity. We deeply appreciate their presence during this difficult period, making a profound difference in our lives

Mark Martinez


Community Hospice Care: Embracing Every Moment Together

Experience the warmth of Community Hospice Care. Our dedicated team is here to provide unwavering support, comfort, and respect during life’s most tender moments. Reach out to us today to learn how we can be a part of your journey.


Embrace compassionate support with Community Hospice Care. Our dedicated team is here to provide comfort and dignity during life’s tender moments. Contact us today.
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