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As the premier hospice company in Brighton, MI (48116), we are dedicated to providing compassionate end-of-life care tailored to the unique needs of our community. With a commitment to excellence and a focus on dignity and comfort, we strive to be the trusted choice for individuals and families navigating life’s final journey.


Empowering Families Through Personalized Hospice Support

Established on quality and serving with compassion – we are Community Hospice Cares, we provide tailored In-Home Hospice Care for patients with a range of health conditions. We strive to help as many families as we can by partnering with you to provide a better care experience from the comfort of home. We take care of clients who have various health conditions ranging from those who need basic personal care all the way to elderly family members who require palliative care services.
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Our Core Values

At Community Hospice Care, our core values guide everything we do: compassion, dignity, and unwavering support for individuals and families during life’s most challenging moments

With You

We help the patients and families we serve navigate the health care journey with compassion and empathy.

Positive Exp

Use our resources, talent, and hearts to create meaningful and memorable experiences for our patients and their families.

Pursue Diversity

We commit to learning from and celebrating people from different backgrounds, viewpoints, and lived-experiences as we grow.

Act with Integrity

Always be honest and ethical in our actions and intentions with our teammates and those we serve.


Delivering Compassionate Hospice Care in Brighton, MI (48116)

Wherever Home Is, We’re There for You. Our local Brighton Hospice caregivers are dedicated to being by your side when you need us most. Learn more about the expert in-home hospice care we provide in your community

Compassionate Support

Local Presence


Why Choose Community Hospice Care?

Our commitment is to ensure each patient and family receives a deeply meaningful experience at every touchpoint. For any inquiries, our customer relations team is readily available with just a phone call.

Available 24/7

Community Hospice Care provides round-the-clock support for patients and families, ensuring compassionate care whenever needed.

Exemplary Care

We uphold the highest standards in care delivery, ensuring every patient receives exceptional treatment and support from our skilled team of professionals.

Collaborative Teams

Our dedicated professionals work together seamlessly to provide comprehensive support, ensuring every aspect of your care is addressed with expertise and compassion.


Count on Community Hospice Care for reliable, transparent, and compassionate support, earning your trust every step of the way

Embracing Every Moment Together with Community Hospice Care !

Experience the warmth of Community Hospice Cares. Our dedicated team is here to provide
unwavering support, comfort, and respect during life’s most tender moments.
Reach out to us today to learn how we can be a part of your journey.


What People Says?

Community Hospice Cares really changed the experience we had with the passing of our mother. We lost our father 4 years ago and it was very hard seeing him daily in the hospital. Being able to keep mom at home meant a lot to the family and to her. Thank you very much for the support you gave us through this difficult time
Community Hospice Care Testimonials
Mike Sendler
Community Hospice Cares transformed our experience as we cared for our mother at home, bringing peace and comfort. Their unwavering support made a difficult time more manageable, and we're forever thankful for their dedication and compassion during this challenging journey.
Community Hospice Care Testimonials
Mila Kunis
Community Hospice Cares provided invaluable support, allowing us to keep our mother at home, making her final days filled with love and dignity. We deeply appreciate their presence during this difficult period, making a profound difference in our lives.
Community Hospice Care Testimonials
Adam Sendler